This Fine Nine News also known as Noone (pronounced NOON) is The Original Science of The Universes. This science includes all sciences of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Hence, Noone in its fullness is The Science of Sciences -- The Pioneer of Science. Science (Knowledge) is THE PHILOSOPHY OF REASON. Let , it be remembered always and let it be known! 


     Listen to Reason! The Science of The Universes and Nature in general (Noone) deals in origins of persons,places and, things because: By knowing the origins of persons and things, one can trace the history, learn the nature of, and study the evolution of persons, places, and things. Knowing the beginnings and endings of beings is part of the knowledge, culture, and heritage of The Ethiopian Race, because we Kinky-Haired People have the answers within our make-up. All The Ethiopian Race (members of The African Race) has to do is mentally and physically seek and search and find, for all answers to questions and all solutions to problems.


     The purpose of Noone  is neither to belittle anyone's Religion nor degrade his or her God; the purpose of Noone is neither to discredit any person or group of persons, or race of persons nor disparage his or her forces of origin. The purposes of Noone are TO DISCLOSE CORRECT INFORMATION and HELP COUNTERACT THE GRAVE NATURE-IGNORANCE AND EVIL SPELLS that The Negative Forces of Evolution, strange religions, and also alien cultures have heaped upon The Ethiopian Race and caused this once great, culture-producing, culture-giving, ethnic race to BE IN CAPTIVITY, mentally, spiritually, physically, and economically all over Planet Earth. Let It Be Remembered Always and Let It Be Known! 



afroo oonoo


Nov 23, 1926 - May 3, 2011 (Age 84)

Listen to Reason! People that this Writer sometimes does converse with like to ask: "Where did you learn that or what book did you get that from?" It is neither important who the Writer is by social status or by birth nor what book he got information from. But what is important and very important, however, is whether what he writes is TRUTH or FALSEHOOD, FACT or FICTION, KNOWLEDGE or IGNORANCE, RIGHTNESS or WRONGNESS, HONESTY or DECEPTION. It does not matter to a positive person whether Saint James or Jesse James wrote or spoke the facts, because facts (knowledge, truth, correct information) have power and authority within themselves that are strong enough to help liberate peoples from adverse and deceptive forces and make people free and equal.